Records and Information Management

Records Management Program Design

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Records and Information Management

Records Management Program Design

Accelerating business processes and access to critical records remain top of mind for companies with digital transformation playing a critical role in how people manage information. TAB has the trusted expertise to strengthen records management program designs, enable digital access through technology or consult with our experts to institute training programs. We can help.

Policies and Procedures

In the work of business today, organizations need a solid foundation that helps the entire organization manage and keep track of rapidly growing collections. The hundreds of document types and various platforms that information can be created have increased in the last 20 years requiring more governance over information assets. As a result of working with TAB, you can manage your core content and procedures through legally defensible policies cataloged in one software solution, FusionRMS.

  • Records Management Policy
  • Email Policy
  • Acceptable Use and Social Media Policy
  • Records and Information Disposition Policy
  • Records Classification and Naming Convention Policy

Retention Schedules and Disposition Management 

Information assets can be created in many different ways and having a legally defensible retention schedule in place can help a business clearly understand how long records need to be retained from creation through disposition. Many businesses struggle to understand how long information should be saved in either physical or digital format. TAB has the experience and team to take on this task to lower your exposure to risk.

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