Records and Information Management

Digital Transformation

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Records and Information Management

Digital Transformation

As businesses continue to rely on critical documents and working conditions change across the world the model for managing critical information is changing. By thinking more strategic there is an opportunity to accelerate the business process, modernize operational access, and lower costs of managing this digital revolution.

Transiting your traditional paper collections and incoming documents to a digital format directly into a unified EDRMS brings an opportunity to create faster access to information, at a lower cost.

FusionRMS allows you to:

  • centralize and unify both physical and digital records into a single solution
  • develop standardization and apply hybrid classification and retention programs
  • ensure document integrity through official record version control and security
  • incorporate technology automation and digital workflows to reduce dependency on physical records
  • use technology to ensure appropriate environments for long term preservation

Now is the right time to consider a new model that supports information access, records management policies, and governance of information. TAB can help you manage both your paper records but also remove the paper from your internal processes and streamline processes using electronic documents.

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