Records and Information Management

Legacy Software Replacement

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Records and Information Management

Legacy Software Replacement

Are you seeing end-of-life notices or limited development in your vendor’s software solutions? We can help.

There are risks in using outdated software in your company

  • low employee productivity due to performance
  • incompatibility with industry advancements and operating system changes
  • mounting bug issues with no roadmap for resolution
  • data privacy and integrity gateway for cybercriminals

Using outdated software can pose many problems but the FusionRMS can help.

As companies review their existing technologies, it is important to take a close look at current records management technology and software to ensure you have the right solution to manage and secure your most important information assets.

The TAB FusionRMS team has successfully replaced and migrated customers off legacy software solutions to the most trusted and highly developed software in the industry.

Our team of experts can help guide you through the transition process to ensure your data, workflows, and user experience remain while also expanding upon a more dynamic user experience with FusionRMS.

  • evaluate your current technology and software for gaps in feature and functions, along with any potential end of life issues through your current vendor
  • establish your organization’s future requirements in managing information, considering taxonomy (data structure) for both physical collections, digital content, retention, data integrations, workflows, etc
  • understand your IT strategy and how FusionRMS can help you make the shift to a web-based model and/or a cloud-hosted Software as a Service model
  • select the appropriate product modules for the appropriate and optimized user experience with best-in-class transitional services and training to ensure a smooth transition and a high level of user adoption
  • execute the multiple-step migration plan including design, testing, and Go Live!

For a multistage strategy, approach and budget contact our team today.

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