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TAB FusionRMS Solutions

TAB FusionRMS provides a wide variety of solutions to organize and manage critical information. Learn how TAB FusionRMS drives RIM solutions for box storage, professional services, shared drives, and more.

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Box Storage

Off-site box storage can be one of the highest costs associated with budgets and a high source of financial waste within an organization. In our experience, often up to 50% of the files stored off-site are past their retention dates, are duplicate records, or are not required for long-term preservation.

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Digital Transformation

As businesses continue to rely on critical documents and working conditions change across the world the model for managing critical information is changing. By thinking more strategic there is an opportunity to accelerate the business process, modernize operational access,s and lower costs of managing this digital revolution.

FusionRMS Professional Services

TAB FusionRMS offers support including consulting, business analysis, project management, system configuration, customization, installation, system security, and technical support. Learn more about the services TAB provides to support your FusionRMS installation.

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Manage Share Drives and Cloud Storage

Organizations are making decision on where information should be stored long term and what solutions should be used to manage this information. Making digital content available when and where it’s required throughout the lifecycle helps an organization to make better business decisions.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions incorporate large corporate transactions of information and pose challenges for operational continuity, compliance, and risk management.

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Records Management Program Design

Accelerating business processes and access to critical records remain top of mind for companies with digital transformation playing a critical role in how people manage information.

Learn more about business process solutions powered by TAB FusionRMS.

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