Records and Information Management

Why TAB FusionRMS?

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Records and Information Management

Why TAB FusionRMS?

Whether you are a records manager, a corporate executive, an information worker or an IT staffer, TAB FusionRMS give you something to get excited about.

Records and information managers

  • manage physical and electronic records together in a single system
  • enable employees to quickly find and view information, any time, anywhere
  • manage security with permission-based access, right down to the document level
  • automated file and box tracking means you know where records are and where they have been
  • carry out timely, defensible disposition through consistent, automated application of classification and retention policies
  • provide evidence of regulatory compliance through audit trail (chain-of-custody) reporting

Executives and business owners

  • optimize information-intensive business processes
  • provide better access to critical information for improved business decision-making
  • reduce storage costs and risk by eliminating unneeded files
  • improve compliance with recordkeeping requirements, and minimize the risk of lost information
  • facilitate e-discovery to reduce litigation costs and avoid penalties
  • accelerate the process of mergers, acquisitions and divestitures by enabling due diligence and transfer of information

IT staff

  • on-premise or cloud versions make for easy deployment: be up and running within weeks, not months
  • easily configure and maintain TAB FusionRMS with a powerful administrative console
  • manage the database and system security yourself, or get help from TAB’s expert resources
  • get free updates and unlimited telephone support with your support agreement
Guide: IT checklist for buyers of records management software

Guide: IT Checklist for Buyers of Records Management Software

When evaluating an RM software solution, it is essential to look beyond the features and benefits to understand the technical aspects of the solution. Without a clear understanding of the technology involved, you run the risk of system incompatibility, project delays and performance issues.

We prepared this IT checklist to help you avoid these issues. You can use this document to:

  • gather essential technical information from your RM software vendor
  • debrief your internal IT team
  • identify incompatibilities, gaps and other challenges that could derail the deployment of your solution.
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