Records and Information Management

Mobile Records Management

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Records and Information Management

Mobile Records Management

The era of mobile records management is here! With the FusionRMS mobile app users can securely manage records and information to help you stay more productive on the go.

  • access your documents anywhere, any time in the palm of her hand within seconds
  • put in a request for a file with the FusionRMS mobile app and receive a digital image
  • digitize paper documents or take a picture of an asset with our mobile capture app
  • complete records transfer to maintain an accurate and up-to-date chain of custody

What else can you do in the FusionRMS mobile app?

  • securely navigate the document repository
  • search for documents based on metadata and document contents
  • retrieve database items based on barcode
  • read barcodes using the built-in camera on your phone or tablet computer
  • download attachments
  • snap a digital picture of paper documents or pictures of assets
  • document physical file transfers
  • put in a request for a file

The FusionRMS mobile app offers true mobile records management capabilities, allowing you to access and manage records using a device. Companies can help their employees to stay productive through a secure application powered by FusionRMS.

FusionRMS Mobile Experience

FusionRMS Mobile Experience – Accelerating information access with mobile records management has evolved in the last decade. We are helping customers empower their workforce to gain access to information at their fingertips using a mobile device.

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