Records and Information Management

Electronic Records Management

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Records and Information Management

Electronic Records Management

TAB FusionRMS allows you to manage all of your electronic information from different sources.

Find content fast

  • use the powerful search function to instantly locate your electronic information, regardless of location or format
  • take advantage of the mobile app to find the files you need, from any location
  • share and collaborate on content with multiple users simultaneously

Manage the electronic records lifecycle

  • TAB FusionRMS finally gives you a tool to manage electronic content
  • track electronic records located in any system
  • apply classification and retention to all electronic documents
  • complement and respect existing IT security conventions

Maintain electronic records compliance

  • automated classification and retention reduce compliance risks associated with electronic records
  • keep track of access, changes and employee activity for specific electronic files
  • apply multiple holds to prevent destruction of content required for legal proceedings
  • take advantage of powerful reports to help manage information and meet recordkeeping requirements
Buyer’s Guide: How to choose the right RM software

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Right RM Software

What should you be looking for in a records management software solution?

Our buyer’s guide gives you answers.

At 10 pages in length, this comprehensive guide walks you through all the key criteria that you should consider when researching and evaluating a records management software solution.

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