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Assets and Inventory

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Records and Information Management

Assets and Inventory

TAB FusionRMS for Asset and Inventory Management provides a clear picture of the assets and inventory owned within your organization using secure and easy-to-use software.

FusionRMS provides a single snapshot of all assets and inventory including current ownership, location, and changes throughout the lifecycle of the asset. Users can create custom queries of data, save items being worked in my favorites.

Provide lifecycle management and control of assets and inventory

  • a complete view of all assets and inventory in a single software
  • track assets to employees and other locations within your organization
  • determine the lifecycle of an asset for proper replacement or disposition
  • enable digital images with a particular asset for proper review
  • maintain services logs and documents associated with the assets
  • import newly acquired assets and print barcode labels for tracking
  • maintain compliance through dashboard view of critical data elements
  • space management for inventory tracking and warehouse management

By incorporating FusionRMS Asset and Inventory Management organization can save valuable time, reduce potential for lost assets and inventory and improve the lifecycle management of critical items within their organization.

Bill Barrett case study | records management software for the energy industry

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