Records and Information Management

Mortgage and Loan Ops

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Records and Information Management

Mortgage and Loan Ops

Providing the mortgage industry and loan operations centers with pinpoint accuracy in managing critical loan files and documents.

Increase operational efficiency, life of loan compliance and grow revenue

TAB FusionRMS brings years of experience delivering process excellence in the mortgage market to support hundreds of customers including originators, servicers, and document custodians. We see a common trend toward accelerating business processes using technology and digital strategies but what remains top of mind for customers is having pinpoint accuracy in managing and locating critical documents.

FusionRMS manages millions of mortgage loans with lightning-fast speed to provide total document control and chain of custody tracking across the life of a loan. In working closely with many of the top leaders in the market we have developed FusionRMS into a cutting-edge technology to deliver peace of mind by experts at TAB.

Use technology to optimize loan operations processes with the experts at TAB

Our FusionRMS software for loan operations helps you automate loan-related processes and track the life of the loan and custodial chain of custody of physical and digital documents.

FusionRMS is the cornerstone of every optimized loan operations center providing vital management and business intelligence reporting tools, as well as powerful search capabilities to easily access loans and key collateral.

  • integrate directly to origination data and other technologies
  • document tracking and review for loan completeness
  • coan servicing and safekeeping workflows and data analytics
  • loan closure, release and final disposition automation

We ensure loan completeness and exception processing through integrated workflows.

  • physical or digital document management
  • loan pool tracking and exception management
  • loan pool portfolio and inventory management
  • request management and metric reporting

Feel confident with total document control and pinpoint accuracy whether you are managing internal loan files, external custodian tracking or the data behind your relationships.

  • leverage key data points for loan and document management
  • use barcode, QR or RFID technology for tracking accuracy
  • maintain document integrity and data privacy
  • create a system of record to audit chain of custody

Accelerate the loan completeness process by tracking individual loan files, key collateral, and trailing documents through the entire life of loan process.

  • automate the creation of loan records and document metadata
  • route exceptions to appropriate parties for completion and processing
  • track the entire activity history and chain of custody for each document

Meet internal and external SLAs for document custody and loan services by reducing lost or incomplete files also helping you comply with GSE, Private Investor, and internal requirements.

“Having the right technology lowers the cost of managing loans and removes the risk associated with lost documents”

How one bank optimized loan operations with the experts at TAB

Banks Optimizing Loan Operations ?

TAB FusionRMS helped one regional bank transition from a legacy document tracking system to FusionRMS which manages their loan operations far more effectively.

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