Records and Information Management

Records Management

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Records and Information Management

Records Management

TAB FusionRMS helps you manage all of your records in one system, make better decisions, save money, maintain compliance and reduce risk.

We are helping IG/RIM professionals to ensure critical business records are properly stored, accessed, and managed throughout their lifecycle.

Manage all of your records

  • get a single, secure document repository for easier records oversight and control
  • manage paper and electronic records in one system
  • automatically mange the lifecycle of physical boxes, records and documents
  • provide access to records and digital images with mobile records management

Make better decisions

  • get a real-time view of all records-related activities with customizable reports
  • request a digital image of a physical file for instant access
  • make effective and timely decisions with instant access to active or inactive files
  • lower off-site records storage costs by assigning retention and disposition

Save money

  • reduce the currier costs by targeting the specific file being requested
  • reduce lost files by having a clean index of all files and boxes
  • streamline workflows and improve productivity with easy document sharing

Maintain compliance and reduce risk

  • eliminate records management “blind spots”, ensuring that all records comply with applicable legislation
  • automatically apply rules for records retention and disposition
  • manage security with permission-based access at the collection, file and document levels
  • provide evidence of compliance through audit trail (chain-of-custody) reporting functions
Demonstrating ROI for RIM programs

Demonstrating ROI for RIM programs

This guide provides strategies for demonstrating the ROI of records management and RIM software in terms of hard- and soft-dollar revenue flows, reduced risk and improved long-term profitability and efficiency.

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