Records and Information Management

Unified Records Management

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Records and Information Management

Unified Records Management

TAB FusionRMS offers a single platform to access and manage information in both physical and electronic formats.

Find information quickly

  • search your entire collection, regardless of format, location or status
  • request physical files right from your desk or out in the field, and receive automatic status updates
  • take advantage of the mobile app to access the physical and electronic files you need, from any location

Manage electronic and physical records together

  • get a clear view of all your records in one system
  • manage paper and electronic formats at the same time
  • apply classification and retention to all documents and files

Maintain compliance

  • keep track of access, location, and employee activity for all files
  • reduce compliance risks with automated classification and retention
  • apply multiple holds to prevent destruction of information required for legal proceedings
  • take advantage of powerful reports to help manage information and meet recordkeeping requirements
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Carlsbad Integrates Paper and Electronic Records Management into One System ?

The City of Carlsbad needed to develop a standardized records management system for city departments while ensuring records management policies were followed. In TAB FusionRMS they found an easy-to-use and affordable system to manage both their paper and electronic records.

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