Records and Information Management

FusionRMS Professional Services


Records and Information Management

FusionRMS Professional Services

In our discussions with countless records management professionals, we have heard time and time again that “out-of-the-box” installations of RIM software rarely meet their objectives. That is why TAB will never just sell you a software tool.

As experts in records and information management, our implementations of TAB FusionRMS are supported by a knowledgeable services team from start to finish. Our expertise and attention to detail ensure that your implementation of TAB FusionRMS will be a success.

We support our RIM software implementations with the following services:

  • project management, to bring together the right stakeholders and ensure that the implementation proceeds smoothly
  • consulting and analysis, to gain a clear understanding of your situation and overall business needs
  • system configuration and customization, to ensure the system meets your unique requirements
  • system security setup, to ensure that the system meets your compliance, privacy and security requirements
  • system training for users and managers
  • installation and go-live, from limited releases to widespread roll-outs
  • ongoing technical and strategic support to ensure that users are happy and that the system meets your evolving needs

Nobody else works as hard as TAB to ensure that your RIM software implementation succeeds.

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