Records and Information Management


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Records and Information Management


TAB FusionRMS provides a single system to manage patient records, helping improve access to patient information, mitigate risk and maintain compliance.

Manage all of your patient records in one system

  • get a single, secure repository for easier records oversight and control
  • manage paper and electronic records in one system
  • automatically import emails and documents created in your EHR and other software platforms

Get better access to patient information

  • get a clear view of all of your records in one easy-to-manage system
  • powerful search tools allow practitioners to quickly find the information they need
  • tracking functionality helps you eliminate lost files and documents

Improve compliance and reduce risk

  • eliminate records management “blind spots”, ensuring that all records comply with legislation and regulation mandates
  • easily locate and produce required records to reduce litigation costs and avoid fines and penalties
  • apply records policies to active and inactive records throughout your entire collection
  • manage security with permission-based access at the collection, file and document levels

Realize operational advantages

  • automated classification and retention means you don’t store unnecessary files, which helps you reduce storage costs
  • better sharing of information means improved patient care
  • records management task list and workflow guidance improves staff productivity
How to implement records management software

How to Implement Records Management Software

This white paper shares eight lessons learned by the legal department of a Global 500 automotive company while implementing records management software.

This frank, first-hand account describes the selection process, the planning and design stages, the software roll-out, and some of the successful change-management strategies that they employed.

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