3 ways that RM software makes your document imaging project a success

3 ways that RM software makes your document imaging project a success

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Records management software helps with several ongoing business challenges, including cost savings, regulatory compliance and process improvement.

RM software also plays a vital role in the success of specific records management projects, such as file moves, conversions and document imaging.

To help you with your next document imaging project, this post outlines three ways that RM software can help make it a success.

  1. RM software helps you track all the converted files
    You don’t want any of your records being moved off-site or into a scanning workstation until they are logged. RM software makes it much easier to create an accurate inventory of your collection before you do any scanning. With RM software you get a comprehensive list of every single file involved in the conversion, ensuring that nothing gets lost or misplaced during the scanning process.
  1. RM software provides project visibility for stakeholders
    Our own records management software, TAB FusionRMS, allows you to provide stakeholders with a daily progress report on the imaging project. All scanned images are uploaded into TAB FusionRMS in real time and this can be tracked through a web portal. This offers real-time visibility of a project, right down to the file level.
  1. RM software ensures that document images are usable!
    This is probably the most important reason to employ records management software for your imaging project. RM software ensures that the document images can be discovered and accessed by staff and other key stakeholders. By appending metadata to each scanned image and by reading the contents of the documents, the RM software creates a powerful, searchable index of all scanned records. This means that staff have a centralized repository where they can locate and access documents

As you plan your imaging project and look for possible partners, ensure that records management software is part of the plan. It helps the project run more smoothly, it reduces risk, and it ultimately ensures that the document images deliver business value when the project is complete.

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