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Improve your delivery of legal services with a centralized repository to help you to locate and access client and matter files in any format.  FusionRMS provides instant access to physical and digital information including our mobile application when you are on the go.

Faster, leaner legal operations

Effective delivery of legal services relies on the fast, efficient flow of client files and matter files.

However, in many law firms and legal departments:

  • antiquated paper filing systems make it difficult or impossible to find and share information
  • a hybrid environment of electronic and physical files compounds the challenges of document filing and retrieval
  • inefficient storage solutions drive up overhead costs and make it hard to access information
  • document tracking spreadsheets and databases are outdated and cumbersome to use
  • poor information management practices expose you to risk and compliance issues


Optimize your delivery of legal services with the experts at TAB

Our legal solutions enable fast, efficient delivery of legal services. We help you:

  • track client and matter files in both paper and electronic format using TAB FusionRMS, our legal file management software
  • manage electronic legal files from ECM systems, office documents and email
  • digitize paper documents for easier storage and sharing
  • instantly view digitized files online, from any location, via our cloud repository
  • find and request delivery of paper files from any storage location, onsite or offsite
  • reduce lost and incomplete files, helping you minimize risk
How to implement records management software

How to implement records management software

This white paper shares eight lessons learned by the legal department a Global 500 automotive company while implementing records management software.

This frank, first-hand account describes the selection process, the planning and design stages, the software roll-out, and some of the successful change-management strategies that they employed.

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