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Pharma: Clinical trial data management

Facilitate reviews and approvals, and maintain compliance, with our solutions for tracking and managing clinical trial data.

Bring it all together

For a clinical trial to run smoothly and successfully, trial data needs to be captured, organized and made readily accessible for doctors, researchers and reviewers.

This is easier said than done.  During the various stages, clinical trials generate massive amounts of  physical and electronic information.


Improve your clinical trial process with the experts at TAB

Our clinical trial solutions help you:

  • track trial information in any format using TAB FusionRMS, our clinical data management software
  • collect and manage data throughout the trial stages, including registration, IND application, research and testing, NDA / BLA applications, review and approvals, results reporting and data sharing
  • facilitate FDA review and approval by keeping data well organized and easy to share, using biopharma industry best practices
  • avoid penalties and maintain compliance with requirements for clinical trial reporting
  • achieve data transparency commitments during and after the trial

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