Records and Information Management

Box Storage

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Records and Information Management

Box Storage

Off-site box storage can be one of the highest costs associated with budgets and a high source of financial waste within an organization. In our experience, often up to 50% of the files stored off-site are past their retention dates, are duplicate records, or are not required for long-term preservation.

TAB FusionRMS can help you reduce off-site storage costs and risk by applying the appropriate metadata and retention rules at both the box and file levels. At a glance legal, IT, and Records Managers can make decisions based on the life of the box in accordance with retention guidelines.

FusionRMS allows you to:

  • capture box level information
  • capture file-level information
  • apply retention schedule codes to appropriate boxes and files
  • incorporate legal and retention holds for collection, boxes, and individual files
  • destroy records timely and ensure a proper chain of custody
  • reduce storage and transportation by digitizing contents into FusionRMS

Take a proactive approach before you ship files off-site or incorporate a box audit to bring big value and stop paying to storage documents longer than you need. Holding information beyond retention guidelines exposes you to legal risk, higher discovery costs, and wasted time during mergers, acquisitions, and divestments.

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