Records and Information Management

FusionRMS Essentials

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Records and Information Management

FusionRMS Essentials

FusionRMS Essentials provides an entry-level out-of-the-box solution to manage physical and electronic records for companies that are starting out, small businesses, or those looking for a basic solution to manage the lifecycle of information using software with strong records management foundation.

With FusionRMS Essentials users will have access to an out-of-the-box solution to manage documents, files, and boxes in physical format from inception through disposition using metadata tags to accurately identify critical information about each information asset. Using our modernized web interface users will expand to leverage metadata, barcode tracking, requesting, box labels, color labels, and permissions-based security to gain better control and access to information. On-premises or cloud-hosted.

  • seamlessly manage electronic and physical records from creation through disposition
  • use metadata to make information easy to find
  • organize electronic and paper records for easy access
  • manage structured & unstructured information with document/data integrity
  • destroy paper and delete electronic documents that you no longer need
  • maintain an audit trail and apply governance
  • expand on your time frame and budget for long term success

FusionRMS Essentials bring peace of mind to Records Managers, IT Professionals, and Executive Business Owners to ensure proper management of critical business information assets. Essentials bring the features and benefits along with technical aspects to get a foundation to build upon as your organization or use case grows over time. FusionRMS offers a single platform to build upon for greater access and management of information, assets, and business process optimization within a company.

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