Records and Information Management

RIM software for energy

RIM software for energy

Records and Information Management

RIM software for energy

TAB FusionRMS helps you find information faster, improve operational efficiency, maintain compliance and streamline acquisitions and divestitures.

Find information faster

  • keep track of electronic and physical information in one system
  • give employees anywhere, anytime access to vital information such as land files and well files
  • take advantage of the powerful search function to find and view information in any format

Improve the efficiency of energy operations

  • provide workers with a single platform to search for all information across the organization
  • enable field workers to retrieve information on their mobile devices
  • facilitate secondary evaluations of legacy oil and gas assets
  • use FusionRMS to provide access to information in any existing land, accounting and business software (OGsys, Quorom, DocVue, etc.)

Maintain compliance

  • automatically apply classification and retention to all documents and files
  • ensure only authorized staff can retrieve and view information
  • provide evidence of compliance through audit trail (chain-of-custody) reporting

Streamline acquisitions & divestitures

  • make information easily available to potential buyers via a virtual data room powered by TAB FusionRMS
  • reduce litigation risk by eliminating lost documents
  • facilitate easy, fast transfer of information after the deal
Laramie Energy TAB FusionRMS client

Laramie Energy: how to deal with a never-ending stream of energy records

This spotlight shows how TAB helped Laramie Energy develop a records management system that could quickly absorb wave after wave of new records.

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