Records and Information Management


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Records and Information Management


Maintain high levels of service to constituents, fulfill FOI requests more quickly, operate more efficiently and meet compliance requirements.

Maintain high service levels

  • get a single tool to search for all information across your level of government (department, municipal / local, etc.)
  • use the powerful search function to quickly find and share information in any format, in any existing system
  • request physical files right from your desk and receive automatic status updates
  • fulfill FOI requests more quickly with easy access to the information you need

Meet compliance and legal requirements

  • eliminate records management “blind spots”, ensuring that all records comply with applicable legislation
  • automatically apply rules for records retention and disposition
  • search results help eliminate duplicate records entries
  • manage security with permission-based access at the collection, file and document levels
  • provide evidence of compliance through audit trail (chain-of-custody) reporting
  • find files more easily in the event of litigation

Implement records classification best practices

  • TAB FusionRMS integrates with municipal classification standards, including TOMRMS and TAMRMS
  • get a complete methodology for organizing electronic and physical records from across your entire organization
  • take advantage of TAB’s support and education services to help you implement proven classification standards
How metadata works with records management

How Meta Data Works with Records Management

Metadata is a hot topic in today’s records management environment and it’s no wonder given how it can provide a highly efficient way to manage and locate records. When combined with existing RM practices, metadata can greatly improve how you search for and retrieve all of your physical and electronic records.

In this white paper, we explore how metadata can work with your existing RM practices to improve overall efficiency.

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