Why TAB FusionRMS?

FusionRMS 10 is live!

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TAB FusionRMS 10 is our most powerful platform yet for managing information and optimizing information-intensive business processes.

Through our early-adopter program over the past year, many clients have found FusionRMS 10 to be an invaluable and indispensable platform.

Easier to use and more secure, FusionRMS 10 is the not-so-secret weapon helping Fortune 500 companies automate and accelerate their core business processes.

Here is a snapshot of how some of our clients are using it to achieve their goals:

  • A large North American utility company upgraded to FusionRMS 10 and is using it to manage both physical and electronic records, including email.
  • One of America’s largest retail banks is using FusionRMS 10 to optimize loan processes and eliminate major inefficiencies in its recordkeeping practices.
  • A large Midwest manufacturer recently chose FusionRMS 10 to simplify records management and provide staff with access to critical information any time, from any location.


More and more clients are making the move to FusionRMS 10, so stay tuned for more success stories on this blog!


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