A large North American utility company uses TAB FusionRMS to manage their electronic records

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TAB is pleased to announce that a long-standing client, one of North America’s largest utility companies, has upgraded to TAB FusionRMS, v10.

One of the company’s main objectives for the upgrade was to automate business operations and improve electronic record flows, specifically for email communications. With TAB FusionRMS v10, emails can now be added to active records and indexed for searching. This index automates the process of filtering and sorting information, leading to more optimized workflows throughout the organization. This also means that email content can now be securely accessed from any location while mitigating risk and maintaining compliance.

As a result of the upgrade to FusionRMS v10, the company now has an accountable system in place to ensure all relevant client information – including emails – are accurately included in client records. With continual use of FusionRMS v10, the business operations of the company will be further streamlined, and interaction with clients will be optimized. This will lead to increased profitability and processing capacity for the future of the company.

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