Industry Solutions

Pre-configured records management solutions based on industry expertise.

Pre-configured and bespoke records management solutions

Leverage our RIM and industry expertise to make TAB FusionRMS work for you

The simplest version of TAB FusionRMS manages employees, boxes/assets/records, and locations. From there you can have a bespoke or pre-configured configuration. Bespoke versions are highly configurable, which is great if you need super-specific tracking methods. However, it’s not scalable. Think of the bespoke method as a custom car shop – nothing simply comes off the factory line.  

Preconfigured solutions should meet ~80% of industry needs right out of the box with very little additional customization. Additionally, pre-config models can save you $100,000+ since the work and investment within these markets is already complete.  

Make TAB FusionRMS work for you, exactly how you want it.

standard Record Keeping

Standard Record Keeping

Non-vertical specific version of TAB FusionRMS used for storage and long-term safekeeping of records. This version is best for when you are less likely to recall the information but need it for retention management – know when you can dispose of your records.
Financial Services and Loan Operations

Financial Services and Loan Operations

Empower your financial institution to streamline operational and records management processes. Use TAB FusionRMS to access and organize loan origination, servicing, and custodial records in a secure and centralized system.


Inventory/Asset Management

Another great example of chain of custody tracking. This configuration started with an IT department tracking standard records. Then they realized it would be a great way to track the custody of other business assets.

Other Industries of Expertise

Leverage 70+ years of record management experience across multiple industries

Those aren’t our only areas of expertise. TAB FusionRMS has extensive experience in the following industries as well. And we’re investing to make these our next pre-configured solutions.

Biopharma Asset Management

Collect and manage data throughout various stages of production, ensuring accurate and compliant documentation of batch records. Support clinical trial data management, including registration, IND application, research and testing, NDA/BLA applications, review and approvals, results reporting, and data sharing. Avoid penalties and maintain compliance with requirements for production and clinical trial reporting.

Education Records Management

Support student success and administrative efficiency by providing a secure and centralized platform for storing and managing student records, academic transcripts, and institutional documents. Enable educators to access student information effortlessly, facilitating personalized learning experiences and informed instructional decisions. Implement automated retention schedules to manage records lifecycle effectively, ensuring data integrity and regulatory adherence across the educational institution.

Energy Records Management

Securely store and access all your well files, leases, plant and facility documents, and other records. Ensure seamless transactions and informed decision-making and make acquisitions and divestitures of assets easier with virtual data rooms. Assign all records in consideration for a deal to this room. People outside the main TAB FusionRMS license can only view these records to help close the deal.

Government Records Management

Enhance transparency and efficiency in government operations with a centralized repository for managing diverse document types, including public records, legislative documents, and administrative files. Facilitate faster response times to citizen inquiries and FOIA requests with advanced search capabilities. Ensure compliance with record retention policies and regulatory requirements through automated classification and retention schedules. With audit trail reporting functions, you can demonstrate accountability and integrity in records management practices, bolstering public trust in government institutions.

Healthcare Records Management

Store, organize, and access electronic health records (EHRs), medical imaging files, and administrative documents to improve patient care with TAB FusionRMS. Enable healthcare providers to make informed clinical decisions and deliver timely treatments by retrieving patient information quickly. Ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations and other privacy mandates through secure access controls and audit trail functionalities. With automated retention schedules, you can manage medical records lifecycle efficiently, reducing storage costs and mitigating legal risks associated with non-compliance.

Human Resources Records Management

Provide better access to HR file – view your records (personnel files, training records, benefits information, and more) in one easy-to-manage system, use powerful search tools to allow employees to find information, and automatically apply classification and retention schedules. Strong security features enable you to handle sensitive records and data, such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Additionally, provide evidence of compliance through audit trail (chain-of-custody) reporting functions, ensuring a secure and compliant HR records management process.

Legal Records Management

Improve your delivery of legal services with a centralized repository to help you locate and access client and matter files in any format. Track paper and electronic files, digitize paper documents for easier storage and sharing, and find and request delivery of paper files from any storage location. Report based on attorney assignments - generate reports for responsible, billing, and other designated attorneys, ensuring efficient case management and accountability.

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