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Tips for managing your shared drive

Mismanaged shared drives can create serious headaches, including increased retrieval times, duplicate documents, and major compliance and security threats. To avoid these problems, you need a well-planned and efficient method for organizing your shared drive.
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Tips for managing electronic and paper files in the hybrid environment

Here are 5 excellent and comprehensive tips to help you manage a hybrid record environment. Use these tips to help your organization thrive in both the paper and electronic worlds.
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Seven tips for developing and applying a functional classification system

Functional classification is essential for records management programs. Learn how to classify your records, determine which needs to be retained, apply functional classification to your collections, & use retention schedules and functional classification together.
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Metrics that matter in your EDRMS

Start generating better metrics today! Use this simple guide to show the value of your EDRMS, improve strategic planning and how to report effectively to senior management, and increase the effectiveness of your RIM program and resources.
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Meeting records management requirements in the electronic world

Paper records aren’t going away. But electronic records are the new standard. So, how do you manage both in the same environment? Apply records management best practices and tools to this new hybrid reality. Learn how with this whitepaper.
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IT checklist for buyers of records management software

When evaluating RM software, you must look beyond the features and benefits. Without a clear understanding of the technology, you risk system incompatibility, project delays, and performance issues. This IT checklist helps you avoid these issues.
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