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To revolutionize records and information management for organizations globally, enabling them to thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

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The TAB FusionRMS Journey

Our venture into software started as TABQUIK – an on-demand custom label printing solution. We needed a way to help customers track the custom labels and associated records, which led to the eventual creation of TAB FusionRMS. But TAB’s history in records management goes back – way back.



years serving clients across North America


client records managed by TAB FusionRMS software



client records managed by TAB FusionRMS software



Dollars saved through record disposition?

Records and information management software designed by RIM professionals


TAB FusionRMS provides organizations with a comprehensive, best-in-class SaaS Solution, that decreases the cost of managing physical and electronic records throughout their lifecycle.

SaaS-based records management solution

To help future-proof TAB FusionRMS, we continually invest in our SaaS product to make sure you have an up-to-date solution with a top-notch user experience. But we also make sure to leverage the best security protocols to ensure your records and data are safe and secure.

Wide-ranging industry expertise

A long-spanning history means experience in many industries. Our 70+ years have made us experts in energy, finance, healthcare, life science or biopharma, legal, government, property and evidence, corporate, human resources, and policy, facilities, warehouse and records management.

The TAB RIM advantage

We live and breathe records, records management, and storage solutions. Because we can’t stop thinking about it, we guarantee to help you save money, optimize business processes, and reduce risk by improving the way you work with your physical and digital records.

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Leverage our more than 70 years of records management experience.