System Customization

Customize Your Records Management Software to Meet Your Needs

Whether you need to manage records in a single department or across your entire enterprise, TAB FusionRMS can be customized to meet your needs. Do you need something that is not available in one of TAB’¬ís standard software packages? Just ask. TAB can give you unique functionality that is not yet available to others.

To create customized records management software, TAB FusionRMS software developers use Microsoft development tools such as .Net Framework, SQL Server, Visual Studio, and

These tools allow you to customize the following areas:

  • Component placement
  • Workflow programming language called link scripting
  • Database views
  • Stored procedures
  • Database triggers

For more information on how the FusionRMS records management software suite can solve your entry-level tracking to advanced records management challenges, call 1-866-703-3374 or click here to contact us.