Keep All of Your Data Secure with TAB FusionRMS

Your biggest records management challenge may be making it easy for users to access the information that they need, while also safeguarding your organizationÂ’’s sensitive data. TAB offers comprehensive records management security that is designed to complement your existing IT security systems.

TAB FusionRMS helps you develop a powerful records management security system by:

  • Integrating and synchronizing your records management software with your existing network security groups through an established active directory. TAB FusionRMS also allows you to create additional access groups with customized permissions.
  • Creating separate security access groups for every business function, along with new groups and workgroups for every type of employee. For example, you may want to give full-time customer service representatives access to a records workgroup. TAB FusionRMS allows you to do this without granting access to contractors or part-time employees. This helps keep your data secure.
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of passwords. Many people match their user names and passwords. Although this makes passwords easy to remember, it also makes it easy for hackers to access your systems. The newest version of TAB FusionRMS improves password functionality by prohibiting people from using the same word for their username and password.

For more information on how the FusionRMS records management software suite can solve your entry-level tracking to advanced records management challenges, call 1-866-703-3374 or click here to contact us.