Configuration Services

Easily Configure Your Records Management System with TAB FusionRMS

TAB FusionRMS is a fully configurable and scalable records management system. Whether you need to manage records in a single department or across your entire organization, TAB FusionRMS can be configured to meet your needs. TAB’¬ís system configuration tools are shipped with your software license and can be found in the Administration Manager.

While many records management providers charge for system configuration services, TAB will show you how to use its customization features. This allows you to reduce your service costs and quickly and easily make changes to your system.

Within the TAB FusionRMS Administration Manager, you can customize the following:


  • Appearance
  • Auditing
  • Bar codes
  • Notifications
  • Requesting
  • Retention
  • Tracking


  • Structure
  • Scripting
  • Tables registration


  • Image storage locations

Tables, Views and Reports

  • Design
  • Capabilities


  • Users
  • Groups
  • Object Permissions

For more information on how the FusionRMS records management software suite can solve your entry-level tracking to advanced records management challenges, call 1-866-703-3374 or click here to contact us.