• google-like search - records management software

    Better Access to Business Information

    • Get a clear view of all of your records in one easy-to-manage system.
    • Google-like search allows employees to quickly find the information they need.
    • Tracking functionality eliminates lost files and documents.


  • fast records management software implementation

    Realizing Efficiencies for Your Business

    • Automated classification and retention means you don’t store unnecessary files, which helps you reduce storage costs.
    • Better sharing of information means improved business decisions.


  • records management software for compliance

    Improve Compliance and
    Mitigate Risks

    • Eliminate records management “blind spots”, ensuring that all records comply with applicable legislation.
    • Apply records policies to active and inactive records for entire collection.
    • Manage security with permission-based access right to the document level.
    • Produce required records to reduce litigation costs and avoid fines and penalties.


  • hybrid records management - physical and electronic records together

    Manage the Hybrid

    • Manage paper and electronic records in one system.
    • Get control of shared drives.
    • One view of all records, regardless of format