• google-like search - records management software

    Find Files Fast

    Track the location of every folder in your filing system, whether it’s in the file room, on someone’s desk, or in offsite storage.

    • Easy Search: As easy to use as Google, users can instantly locate and determine the status of paper file folders, groups of folders and storage boxes.
    • Automated File Requests: Users can ask for files right from their desk or the field, and receive automatic status updates.
    • Eliminate Lost Files: TAB FusionRMS automatically tracks files and maintains detailed usage histories.
  • records management software for compliance

    Get Compliant

    TAB FusionRMS helps you reduce compliance risks associated with physical records.

    • Retention: Automatically applies records retention schedules and final disposition based on preconfigured business rules.
    • Classification: Your classification system is automatically applied to files and documents.
    • Audit Trail: Complete file history reports—including users, locations, and any changes made along the way.
  • records lifecycle - records management software

    Better Management

    Managing the physical records lifecycle has never been easier.

    • File Requests: Users can request files from their workstations and receive automated alerts if a file is in use, or has been requested by another user.
    • File Tracking: Keep track of the location of every folder, whether it’s in active storage, checked out by personnel, or has been moved to inactive storage.
    • File Retention: Your retention schedule is automatically applied to all files in your system.
  • records management software package integration

    Physical Records Software Packages

    To learn more about our physical records management software, check out these product overviews: