• Electronic & Physical
    Records Together

    TAB FusionRMS unifies the entire spectrum of today’s records management
    requirements into one comprehensive and easy-to-use system.

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  • google-like search - records management software

    Find Information Quickly

    • Enterprise Search: TAB FusionRMS lets users search across your entire records collection, regardless of format, location or status.
    • Automated File Requests: Users can ask for files right from their desk or the field, and receive automatic status updates.
    • Eliminate Lost Files: TAB FusionRMS automatically tracks files and maintains detailed usage histories.
  • records management software for compliance


    Efficiently and automatically manage your compliance requirements, virtually eliminating the risks of an incomplete record lifecycle.

    • Retention & Classification: Your retention and classification systems are automatically applied to all records for efficient management.
    • Audit Trail: Track file usage, transfers, employee activity, changes to and movement of all files.
    • Legal Holds: TAB FusionRMS includes a legal hold function and supports the identification, collection and preservation of relevant content.
  • records lifecycle - records management software

    Better Management

    Have a clear view of all your records in any format in one system.

    • Paper and Electronic Together: Now you can manage paper and electronic formats at the same time.
    • Security: Set access permissions based on document sensitivity.
    • Reporting: Standard and custom reporting options give you valuable insight into your program.