Simplify Your File Tracking with TAB FusionRMS

Organizing and managing your physical records can be a huge challenge. Staffing changes, storage issues, accountability practices or simply an increased volume of records can make it difficult to keep the information you need at your fingertips.

TAB FusionRMS Essential is an entry-level file tracking solution that streamlines and automates your physical record tracking. It supports bar code tracking, scripting for workflow, audits, requesting, signature pad integration and black and white bar code labeling.

Is a File Tracking System Right for You?

TAB FusionRMS Essential is ideal for organizations that:

  • Need a simple solution for tracking physical records.
  • Want to add database browsing and editing tools for networkable end tab color-coded folder labeling.
  • Want to see the benefits of a file tracking solution prior to investing in a more advanced physical tracking system.
  • Have limited budgets and are looking for an affordable file tracking system.

How Will You Benefit from the TAB FusionRMS Essential File Tracking System?

Quickly locate physical records: Bar code tracking, intuitive query and filter functions allow you to instantly locate files, groups of folders and storage boxes.

Manage requests automatically: You can request files directly from your workstation. TAB FusionRMS alerts you if a file is currently in use or has been requested by another user. You may also transfer a file to a different location without first returning it to the central filing area.

Error-free data entry: Use the check-in/check-out features via both keyboard entry and bar code readers for quick and error-free transfers. You can also use remote scanners at your workstation or in your storage room to capture file usage information.

Stop losing files: Studies have shown that the cost of a missing file is more than $125. TAB FusionRMS allows you to easily organize your files, so you wonÂ’t lose valuable information.

File Tracking System Features

  • Physical paper file tracking (bar code tracking)
  • Workflow (document routing and reporting)
  • Pipeline report
  • Tracking report
  • Audit trail and file reconciliation
  • File requesting
  • Management reporting
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful black-and-white labeling engine
  • Powerful data import and export tools
  • Color labeling add-on module available
  • Compatible with remote and direct connect bar code readers
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows-driven printers
  • Microsoft SQL Server database
  • Up to five concurrent users

For more information on how TAB FusionRMS Essential can streamline your file tracking and paper file management, download our brochure, call 1-866-703-3374 or click here to contact us.