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Enterprise Human Resources Records Management System

Human resources professionals are faced with many challenges when it comes to managing and maintaining personnel records. New federal and state regulations are more stringent when it comes to the types of employee and applicant records that must be retained, as well as the length of time organizations must keep these documents on file. Today’s high turnover rates also make it challenging for HR professionals to keep records up to date.

TAB FusionRMS Enterprise for Human Resources offers an array of features designed specifically for HR professionals. The system can help you:

  • Streamline your records management. TAB FusionRMS Enterprise allows you to track all of your physical and electronic HR records in a single, comprehensive and easy-to-use system.
  • Remain in compliance. A comprehensive audit trail allows you to meet increasingly complex employment and regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Run a more productive HR department. When you can access any file at any time, you’ll make your HR activities fully accountable and more efficient.
  • Give your team unlimited flexibility. TAB offers the power and flexibility to map to your existing HR processes. This helps maximize the efficiency and accuracy of your records management, which results in lower costs and better service within your organization.
  • Scale for the future. TAB FusionRMS can manage all of your records, no matter the size of your organization or the amount of files that you must track.
  • Support the entire HR record life cycle. This comprehensive software solution can help you with:
    • Managing internal
      and external job
    • Application process management
    • Interview feedback tracking
    • Testing process and procedure management
    • Hiring process management
    • Offer-letter tracking
    • Employee-provided documentation tracking
    • Benefits documentation tracking
    • Administrative action management
    • Performance review management
    • Training, certification and renewal management
    • Termination management
    • Resignations management
    • Contract-employee reporting management
    • Government regulation paperwork reporting

HR Records Management System Features

  • Record consolidation. Manage all of your physical and electronic records in one user-friendly system.
  • Powerful database. Manage your records using the industry standard Microsoft SQL.
  • Easy-to-use interface. The user interface works with Microsoft Windows, a familiar environment for most professionals.
  • Bar code tracking. The latest bar code tracking technology lets you instantly locate your records. It also provides a complete audit trail and tracking history.
  • Security. TAB complements your existing IT security systems and lets you manage your security at the system, functional, user and record levels.
  • Imaging support. TAB supports most scanners and imaging technologies. This lets you easily convert your physical files to electronic files and reduce your storage costs.
  • Search features. Quickly and easily find the files you need by conducting a full text search of your electronic records and a global field search of the database.
  • Reporting. On-demand reporting provides compliance and audit information, along with granular views of your records management environment.
  • Customization. TAB can also develop customized solutions to help you meet your records management goals.

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