• records management software for compliance

    Physical Tracking for Property and Evidence

    • Automatically track every piece of evidence throughout the chain of custody.
    • Virtually eliminate missing or mishandled evidence.


  • google-like search - records management software

    Improved Access to
    Case Files

    • Google-like search capability makes finding case files easy
    • Spend less time in court. Predefined detective case and workflow management ensures that property and evidence is linked with the correct case file, making it easy to access case information.
    • Automated file tracking means no lost files


  • records lifecycle - records management software

    Better Compliance and Risk Management

    • Digitized signatures for tracking control and auditability to reduce or eliminate evidence-mishandling claims
    • Eliminate records management “blind spots”, ensuring that all records comply with applicable legislation.
    • Automatically apply rules for records retention and disposition.
    • Provide evidence of compliance through audit trail/chain-of-custody reporting functions.


  • records management software white paper

    A Complete Property & Evidence System

    Integrating property and evidence tracking with records management through a law enforcement RMS effectively meets the “business function” requirements of law enforcement agencies.

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Our Clients

  • Camas, WA Police Department records management software for property and evidence tracking
  • Businesswoman with laptop.
  • Town of Westport, CT Police Department property and evidence tracking system

Camas, WA Police Department

The Camas PD needed to replace their antiquated DOS-based daily log system with an easy-to-use, easy-to-administrate system that would track all department activities. The solution was TAB FusionRMS for Property and Evidence which created a hybrid system to manage daily logs, employee activity, digital records and property and evidence in one integrated system.

Learn more about how TAB FusionRMS helped the Camas, WA Police Department.

Westland, MI Police Department

Tight budgets, limited staffing resources and growing police case loads required a property and evidence system that was automated, 100 percent accurate and required minimal human intervention. TAB FusionRMS for Property and Evidence met these needs with its intuitive, easy-to-use system which allowed Westland PD to manage both physical and electronic evidence within one system interface.

Learn more about how TAB FusionRMS helped the Westland, MI Police Department.

Westport, CT Police Department

The Westport, CT PD wanted to eliminate misplaced and missing property and evidence and meet state certification guidelines for records retention. TAB FusionRMS helped accomplish these goals as well as providing complete control of the property and evidence chain of custody.

Learn more about how TAB FusionRMS helped the Westport, CT Police Department.