• google-like search - records management software

    Fulfill FOI Requests Faster

    • One location to search for all information across the municipality
    • Search results help eliminate duplicate records entries.
    • Search, find and share information all within a single system.


  • records management software for compliance

    Meet Compliance Requirements

    • Automated application of your retention and classification systems
    • Easier to find files in the event of litigation
    • Provide evidence of compliance through audit trail reporting functions.


  • records management software package integration

    Integration with Municipal Classification Software

    • Featuring TOMRMS and TAMRMS
    • A complete methodology for organizing paper, electronic and physical records from across your entire organization
    • TAB offers support and education to facilitate implementation and adoption needs.


  • play records management software demo

    Unified RM Solutions for Municipalities

    Watch this webinar to learn the best practices for establishing a corporate-wide information management program for your municipality.

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