Real World Records Management: DaVita Case Study

Simplifying a complex hybrid environment with TAB FusionRMS.

If you’’re a large company with thousands of human resources records, it can be tough to locate and dispatch crucial documents to staff in the field. So imagine if you could centralize your HR records management and take advantage of electronic options in order to improve both the speed and security of compliance requests.

This was the RM environment that DaVita Inc. wanted to build. They collaborated closely on how to find a solution. For a large company in a heavily regulated industry, it was clear that FusionRMS would be a good way to rapidly move files to different places around the country.

Creating a healthy hybrid environment for HR records

As a $6 billion company and the leading private provider of kidney care services in the United States, DaVita has more than 37,000 employees and over 150,000 records in both electronic and paper format. DaVita needed to be able to access and send those documents to government regulators to verify employee certification. This HR challenge required a solution that would put privacy first while ensuring that those documents could be sent quickly and securely.

Naturally, the implementation had to be done quickly and provide uninterrupted file access  during the switchover. DaVita also wanted their new RM system to be as environmentally friendly as possible, while at the same time being cost-effective. It was a big goal, but this visionary company was ready to take the steps required to evolve their RM to the next level.

1.0 Moving from paper to electronic records: The hybrid plan

DaVita already had end tab color labeling, mobile shelving  and a bar code tracking application in place, so it made sense to upgrade to TAB FusionRMS. This upgrade would meet key DaVita requirements including:

  • A switch to electronic records wherever possible
  • Faster document access for managers in the field
  • Make audits from government organizations easier to manage
  • A file imaging system to improve archive and retrieval processes
  • Support long-term business objectives through a configurable and scalable system

2.0 Preparing for implementation

One of the most critical aspects of implementation was making sure that DaVita could still access its files quickly during the switchover to meet compliance requirements. TAB also ensured that FusionRMS was integrated with Taleo, DaVita’’s job application software program, so forms that are submitted online by prospective employees get converted into PDF files and imported directly into TAB FusionRMS. This would allow DaVita to better manage its HR system both now and in the future. Doing so would also help the company go as green as possible. Along with providing electronic document options, TAB worked with DaVita to eliminate duplicate versions of existing HR forms in order to better streamline RM.

2.1 Post-implementation: many pleasant surprises

The implementation of TAB FusionRMS provided some unexpected benefits, including a drag-and-drop system for electronic database management. This allows DaVita to index any PC file on the desktop or network by dragging it from its current location to any record in the database.
These files are then OCR’d on the fly. DaVita’’s legal department was quick to make use of TAB FusionRMS’ email functionality, which allows them to export documents to a shared folder. From this shared folder, documents can be bundled together and sent via email or by using an
external storage device, such as a USB key.

“The biggest benefit of working with TAB is the continued onsite technical assistance to help further support and configure their software solution. “Our needs are always changing and the flexibility and scalability of FusionRMS has already allowed us to adapt to new business needs,”” notes DaVita’s Compliance Manager.

3.0 Accessibility and HR efficiencies: The real value of a hybrid environment

Working closely with DaVita, TAB was able to quickly develop a centralized records system designed to improve the healthcare provider’s business operations both now and in the future. DaVita can now quickly and securely deliver HR documents to the field, while still maintaining a high level of privacy. Of equal importance was the fact that the implementation of FusionRMS was cost-effective, completed on time and met DaVita’s goal of improving its environmental footprint through the increased use of electronic records.

This centralized RM system also helps the company analyze its records in new ways. According to DaVita’s Compliance Manager, ““Now we can not only better maintain our paperwork, but track our production and run specialty reports in order to locate new HR efficiencies. This not only makes my job easier, but allows us to extract further value from our employee records.””

Make your HR records work better with TAB FusionRMS

If you have a challenging hybrid HR records environment, talk to TAB about creating a more efficient and effective RM solution.

Download a PDF of this case study here.