• fast records management software implementation

    Improve Case File Management Response Time

    • One location to search for all information across the organization
    • Eliminating lost files and improving access means better service
    • Search, find and send required information within one system.


  • google-like search - records management software

    Designed With the End User In Mind

    • Google-like search capability makes finding case files easy
    • One view of all records, regardless of format
    • Automatic notification of file status and requests
  • secure records management software - protect client data

    Protect Confidential Client Data

    • Role-based security features means users can only access what they are authorized to see.
    • Complements your existing IT security systems
    • Manage your security at the system, functional, user and record levels.


  • records management software for compliance

    Meet Compliance Requirements

    • Automated application of your retention and classification systems
    • Easier to find files in the event of litigation
    • Information governance support through features such as file history reports and permission-based security